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Smile what is exact syllabus of core java?

i got the following will be syllabus of thaT correct and any thing else remaining?
Introduction to Java technology
- Setting Up Your Computer
- Java programming basics
- Java Data Types and Primitive Types
- Control Structure
- Java Arrays
- Built-in Java Classes
- Creating own Classes
- Packages and Java class path
- JavaBeans
- Inheritance
- Abstract class and Java Interface
- Polymorphism
- Inner class
- Exception handling
- Java Collections framework
- GUI programming with AWT and Swing
- Java Applets
- Stream I/O and Serialization
- Java Networking API
- Java Multi-Threading
- JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
Is servlets part of core java?

Programming language Types and Paradigms.
Computer Programming Hierarchy.
How Computer Architecture Affects a Language ?
Why Java ?
Flavors of Java.
Java Designing Goal.
Role of Java Programmer in Industry.
Features of Java Language.
JVM –The heart of Java
Java’s Magic Bytecode
Language Fundamentals
The Java Environment:
Installing Java.
Java Program Development
Java Source File Structure
Basic Language Elements:
Lexical Tokens,Identifiers
Keywords,Literals, Comments
Primitive Datatypes,Operators
Object Oriented Programming
Class Fundamentals.
Object & Object reference.
Object Life time & Garbage Collection.
Creating and Operating Objects.
Constructor & initialization code block.
Access Control, Modifiers, methods
Nested , Inner Class &Anonymous Classes
Abstract Class & Interfaces
Defining Methods, Argument Passing Mechanism
Method Overloading, Recursion.
Dealing with Static Members. Finalize() Method.
Native Method. Use of “this “ reference.
Use of Modifiers with Classes & Methods.
Design of Accessors and Mutator Methods
Cloning Objects, shallow and deep cloning
Generic Class Types
Extending Classes and Inheritance
Use and Benefits of Inheritance in OOP
Types of Inheritance in Java
Inheriting Data Members and Methods
Role of Constructors in inheritance
Overriding Super Class Methods.
Use of “super”.
Polymorphism in inheritance.
Type Compatibility and Conversion
Implementing interfaces.
Organizing Classes and Interfaces in Packages.
Package as Access Protection
Defining Package.
CLASSPATH Setting for Packages.
Making JAR Files for Library Packages
Import and Static Import
Naming Convention For Packages
Exception Handling:
The Idea behind Exception
Exceptions & Errors
Types of Exception
Control Flow In Exceptions
JVM reaction to Exceptions
Use of try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling.
In-built and User Defined Exceptions
Checked and Un-Checked Exceptions
Array & String :
Defining an Array
Initializing & Accessing Array
Multi –Dimensional Array
Operation on String
Mutable & Immutable String
Using Collection Bases Loop for String
Tokenizing a String
Creating Strings using StringBuffer
Thread :
Understanding Threads
Needs of Multi-Threaded Programming.
Thread Life-Cycle
Thread Priorities
Synchronizing Threads
Inter Communication of Threads
Critical Factor in Thread -DeadLock
Applet & Application
Applet Architecture.
Parameters to Applet
Embedding Applets in Web page.
Applet Security Policies
A Collection of Useful Classes
Utility Methods for Arrays
Observable and Observer Objects
Date & Times
Using Scanner
Regular Expression
Input/Output Operation in Java( Package)
Streams and the new I/O Capabilities
Understanding Streams
The Classes for Input and Output
The Standard Streams
Working with File Object
File I/O Basics
Reading and Writing to Files
Buffer and Buffer Management
Read/Write Operations with File Channel
Serializing Objects
GUI Programming
Designing Graphical User Interfaces in Java
Components and Containers
Basics of Components
Using Containers
Layout Managers
AWT Componets
Adding a Menu to Window
Extending GUI Features Using Swing Components
Java Utilities (java.util Package)
The Collection Framework :
Collections of Objects
Collection Types
Understanding Hashing
Use of ArrayList & Vector
Event Handling
Event-Driven Programming in Java
Event- Handling Process
Event-Handling Mechanism
The Delegation Model of Event Handling
Event Classes
Event Sources
Event Listeners
Adapter Classes as Helper Classes in Event Handling
Anonymous Inner classes a Short –cut to Event Handling
Avoiding Deadlocks in GUI Code
Event Types & Classes
Networking Programming
Networking Basics
Client-Server Architecture
Socket Overview
Networking Classes and Interfaces
Network Protocols
Developing Networking Applications in Java
DataBase Programming using JDBC
Introduction to JDBC
JDBC Drivers & Architecture
CURD operation Using JDBC
Connecting to non-conventional Databases



What is Java?

How to Get Java

A First Java Program

Compiling and Interpreting Applications

The JDK Directory Structure

Data types and Variables

Primitive Datatypes ,Declarations

Variable Names

Numeric Literals,Character Literals

String,String Literals

Arrays,Non-Primitive Datatypes,The Dot Operator

Operators and Expressions


Assignment Operator

Arithmetic Operators

Relational Operators

Logical Operators

Increment and Decrement Operators

Operate-Assign Operators (+=, etc.)

The Conditional Operator

Operator Precedence

Implicit Type Conversions

The Cast Operator

Control Flow Statements


Conditional (if) Statements

Data types and Variables 3

Adding an else if

Conditional (switch) Statements

while and do-while Loops

for Loops

A for Loop Diagram

Enhanced for Loop

The continue Statement

The break Statement



Calling Methods

Defining Methods

Method Parameters


Method Parameters

So, Why All the static?

Object-Oriented Programming

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Classes and Objects

Fields and Methods


Access Control



Objects and Classes

Defining a Class

Creating an Object

Instance Data and Class Data



Access Modifiers


Using Java Objects

Printing to the Console

printf Format Strings

StringBuilder and StringBuffer

Methods and Messages


Parameter Passing

Comparing and Identifying Objects, Destroying Objects

Inheritance in Java


Inheritance in Java


Method Overriding



The Object Class


The import Statement

Static Imports


CLASSPATH and Import

Defining Packages

Package Scope

Exception Handling

Exceptions Overview

Catching Exceptions

The finally Block

Exception Methods

Declaring Exceptions

Defining and Throwing Exceptions

Errors and RuntimeExceptions


Input/Output Streams

Overview of Streams

Bytes vs. Characters

Converting Byte Streams to Character Streams

File Object

Binary Input and Output

PrintWriter Class

Reading and Writing Objects

Basic and Filtered Streams

Collection Framework

The Collections Framework

The Set Interface

Set Implementation Classes

The List Interface

List Implementation Classes

The Map Interface

Map Implementation Classes

Inner Classes

Inner Classes

Member Classes

Local Classes

Anonymous Classes

Instance Initializers

Static Nested Classes

Introduction to Threads

Non-Threaded Applications

Threaded Applications

Creating Threads

Thread States

Runnable Threads

Coordinating Threads

Interrupting Threads

Runnable Interface ,ThreadGroups

Interfaces and Abstract Classes

Separating Interface and Implementation

UML Interfaces and Realization

Defining Interfaces

Implementing and Extending Interfaces

Runnable Threads

Abstract Classes


Object Serialization

Serializable Interface

Serialization API

ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream

The Serialization Engine

Transient Fields

readObject and writeObject

Externalizable Interface


Using Generics

Type Erasure

Type Boundaries

Wildcards , Generic Methods

Strengths and Weaknesses of Generics

Legacy Code and Generics


Uses for Meta-Data

The Annotations Model

Annotation Types and Annotations

Built-In Annotations

Annotations vs. Descriptors (XML)


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