Can we use Multithreading in JDBC?

Discussion in 'JDBC' started by raviparmar_ce88, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. raviparmar_ce88

    raviparmar_ce88 New Member

    can i use multithreading in jdbc.....??
    or multithreading is use in jdbc.. is it true or false....?:confused:
  2. k.sreenivasaRao

    k.sreenivasaRao New Member

    Re: jdbc

    yes you can use
  3. raviparmar_ce88

    raviparmar_ce88 New Member

    Re: jdbc

    thanks......... dude............
  4. nagaraju48458

    nagaraju48458 New Member

    no we can not use multithreading in jdbc
  5. anneroberts

    anneroberts Member

    Those Prophet JDBC drivers give full backing to projects that use java multithreading. Though you decide will allotment the connection, At that point the same JDBC association object will a chance to be utilized Eventually Tom's perusing all strings (each string will have its own explanation object, however).

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