composition and aggregation

Discussion in 'Object Oriented Concepts' started by parulmahajan, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. parulmahajan

    parulmahajan New Member

    What is Composition?
    difference between composition and aggregation in Java??
  2. jagsjava

    jagsjava New Member

    Aggregation is a kind of association that specifies a whole/part relationship between the aggregate (whole) and component part.
  3. venkatjdv

    venkatjdv New Member

    Agregation is having two classes to know about each other is called Aggregation

  4. anneroberts

    anneroberts Member

    ggregation implies a accord area the adolescent can abide apart of the parent. Example: Class (parent) and Student (child). ... Composition implies a accord area the adolescent cannot abide absolute of the parent.

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