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  1. JGuru

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    Hi All,

    Here this PDF contain 50 Core Java Interview Questions.

    Hope this may helpful for Fresher Interviews.

    All The Best......!

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  2. anantulajosna

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    Thank you....
  3. anantulajosna

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    Hi this is josna searching for job. I had completed B.Tech in 2009. Pls suggest me how to prepare for interviews and how to approach.

    I hope I will get response as early as possible.
  4. nishad

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    thank you so much ... this is nishad . MCA fresher... it will useful to me
  5. sawant87

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    Thank u very much.
  6. madhuchannama

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    Please send me interview questions for freshers in core java for written exam and technical interview.
  7. bhaaswanth

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    hi dude,

    Thanks for your attachment... Plz keep posting such useful info...

    Thank u
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    Thanks for sharing the interview questions.
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    Thank u GURU continue....
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    Thank You Sirjiiiiiiii.
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    Thank u so much
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    Thank you sir
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    hi thank u
  16. bhaskar1605

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    Hi All,

    Please check the below site for all types of interview questions, resume templates and many more..., I have checked that it is very good.

    Bhaskar P.
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    thanx dude......

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