How destructors are defined in Java?

Discussion in 'Object Oriented Concepts' started by peter47, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. peter47

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    How destructors are defined in Java?
  2. cool_one368

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    Java have it's own way of taking care of destroying or destructing an object for you. it is called Garbage collection. There are no destructors in java as Garbage collection does that job for you.
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    For this way you may define the JAVA destructor.
    public class NoArgConstructor {
    public NoArgConstructor() {
    // Constructor body here


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    A destructor is an extraordinary technique called naturally amid the obliteration of a protest. Activities executed in the destructor incorporate the accompanying: Recovering the store space designated amid the lifetime of a question. Shutting document or database associations. Discharging system assets.

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