How many types of Inheritances does Java support ?

Discussion in 'Object Oriented Concepts' started by vbraojava, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. vbraojava

    vbraojava New Member

    Java can support only Single Inheritance only. That Java does not support Multiple Inheritance.
  2. pradeepsingh999

    pradeepsingh999 New Member

    But java can also support Multilevel inheritance.
  3. tgkrrao

    tgkrrao New Member

    java supports all of inheritances available today
    some them through directly with help of classes siimple, multileve.
    some them through indirectly with help of interfaces such as multiple,

    above data is only to best of my knowledge
  4. avinash.K

    avinash.K New Member

    There are five types of inheritances existing. 1.single level 2.multi level
    3.multiple 4.hybrid 5.hierarchal

    Java supports 1,2,5 using extends classess

    where as 3 and 4 can be used through interfaces
  5. vbraojava

    vbraojava New Member

    Yes, Ok but,

    Basically there are two types of Inheritances are there, they are

    1. Single Inheritance
    2. Multiple Inheritance

    And some other Inheritances are there those are

    - Multi Level
    - Hierarchical
    - Hybrid

    - But these come under again Basic Inheritances Single and Multiple only. So we can leave these types, and we can say only two types that is Single and Multiple Inheritances.

    - And Java support only Single Inheritance only.
  6. austin.premkumar

    austin.premkumar New Member

    If Hr ask "How many types of Inheritances does Java support?"

    can i reply,Java supports only single inheritance.If that is right(single inheritance) way of answer mean tell me the explantion.
  7. anneroberts

    anneroberts Member

    Types of bequest in java. On the base of class, there can be three types of bequest in java: single, multilevel and hierarchical. In java programming, assorted and amalgam bequest is accurate through interface only.

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