In Java which one to use Abstract Class or Interface ?

Discussion in 'Java Language Basics/Fundamentals' started by shineveramya, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. shineveramya

    shineveramya New Member

    - Use Abstract Class if you're sure that there can be more specialized subclasses of Abstract Class and there is really a logic is a relationship.

    - Dont use Abstract Class just for code reuse.

    - Use Interface to encapsulate behaviour and let concrete subclasses to implement that behaviour.

    - An alternative approach could be to use Abstract Class to have common implementation and for the behaviour which is gonna very use composition for the varying behavior.
  2. anneroberts

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    Java doesn't accept assorted inheritance; thus, you cannot accept a chic that accouterments two abstruse classes at once. ... An interface is bigger than a abstruse chic back you demand assorted classes to apparatus that interface and back you don't accept to accede absence behavior.

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