Java Interview Questions for Freshers - Video Tutorial

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    Java Interview Questions for Freshers - Video Tutorial

    Part I of Java Interview Questions for Freshers : Link to Youtube Video

    More than 100 Questions Covered Including:
    What is Platform Independence?
    Why is Java so Popular?
    Difference between C++ and Java?
    What is Object Oriented Language? Basics
    What is Encapsulation - CricketScorer
    What is Abstraction - Mobile Phone - Hiding the complexity
    What is Inheritance - ConstructorExamples
    What is Polymorphism - PolymorphismAbstractClassTest
    What are the advantages of OOPS?
    Pass by value vs Pass by reference?
    What is a package?
    Access Modifiers - ExampleClass
    Final Modifier in Java
    Inheritance vs Composition
    Overloading vs Overriding
    What is an Interface
    * Flyable
    Abstract Class vs Interface
    * Interface - every thing is public
    * Interface - variables are final
    * Possible to implement Multiple Interfaces
    What is an Anonymous Class?
    What are wrapper classes? - WrapperExamples
    * Additional operations like conversions from String to number
    What are variable arguments?
    What is a toString method?

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