Java Sample Resume - 2 Years Experience

Discussion in 'Java Sample Resumes' started by vbraojava, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. vbraojava

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    Hi JavaKenians,

    I attached my resume below, so that it may be useful for those of you looking for a sample resume.

    (Note: All details in the resume are dummy details. You should replace them appropriately with your own details.)

    It's for 2 Years Experienced Resume in JAVA, J2EE.

    You can reply to this thread and tell me 'Thanks' if you think it's useful :D

    Java Sample Resume - 2 Years Experience

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  2. Surendra.S

    Surendra.S New Member

    Thank U. It's useful for my friend.
  3. nishitshah

    nishitshah New Member

    hello sir ,can u plz provide the resume sample for Java fresher
  4. bharathnav

    bharathnav New Member

    hi buddy i was searching for the sample resume since a month and now i got it..... thanks a lot for helping me to find that....
  5. prasanna427

    prasanna427 New Member

    Thank you.It helped me a lot.:)
  6. Priyanka_Drona

    Priyanka_Drona New Member

    Thank U Mr.Rao
    Your resume is useful.
  7. nkj_joshi

    nkj_joshi New Member

    Hello Sir,

    I am fresher MCA student from Rajasthan. I have confusion about in which technology to choose for my better career opportuities either .Net Technology or Java Technology. I have basic knowledge of both of technologies.
    Expecting favorible reply.

    Yours Faithfully
    Naresh Joshi
  8. ChetanaS

    ChetanaS Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Joshi,

    Please use the section Java Career Helpline to post such Career related questions and so may get better suggestions from other JavaKenians.
  9. thulasiram2085

    thulasiram2085 New Member

    Thank u Rao sir,
    now i got an idea about 2+ Resume.its more helpful to me and others too.
    u r doing a nice work....
  10. praveena.sreddy

    praveena.sreddy New Member

    Re: Java Sample Resume

    hello sir can you send me 3 years experience java resume please
  11. senthilkumar.n

    senthilkumar.n New Member

    Thanks friend.
  12. prasadcv2008

    prasadcv2008 New Member

    Thank u very much for providing the resume
  13. pranavkumarbg

    pranavkumarbg New Member

  14. champ77

    champ77 New Member

    Thanks For Sharing Useful info....
  15. sumann

    sumann New Member

    Thank u VBRAO
  16. kuchelarao_thulasi

    kuchelarao_thulasi New Member

  17. vnarayanaswamy

    vnarayanaswamy New Member

    hello sir it is nice and very helpful thanks a lot keep doing it
  18. deepasri

    deepasri New Member

    Thanks for the share.
  19. palukurisudhakar

    palukurisudhakar New Member

    hi Rao........i am sudhakar(
    thanks for providing ur sample resume in javaKen.....and pls give me some suggestion to how to prepare interviews
  20. navroonblr

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