need help client side validations is good, for server side validation isn't working

Discussion in 'Struts' started by praveen.ganji, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. praveen.ganji

    praveen.ganji New Member

    struts 1.3 application

    I'm trying to execute struts 1.3 decvalidation with i18n
    i18n is good, client side validation is good.
    but server side validation is not working.

    when I enable client side by pasting <html:javascript ....> tag, in jsp it is working good.

    but server side should catch the errors when I just remove client side validation tags from jsp, but server side validation is not working.

    any one please leave ur email id, so that I send u a zip file of the example project. so u can spot out and rectify my errors
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  2. kedarinarsimhareddy

    kedarinarsimhareddy New Member

    If u are using DynaValidatorForm then simply write an attribute validate=true under struts configuration file <action validate="true".......> then it will enable server side validation

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