What are component classes ?

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    what are component classes?
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    Re: what are component classes?

    In the GUI (Graphical User Interface) based frameworks like Applet etc., its used.

    Examples of Components : buttons, checkboxes, and scrollbars of a typical Graphical User Interface etc., all are extended by the component classes.

    - Component class is act as a listner class in Java.

    If you not clear read the below :

    The Component class is the abstract superclass of the Nonmenu-Related Abstract Window Toolkit components. Class Component can also be extended directly to create a lightweight component. A lightweight component is a component that is not associated with a native opaque window.

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    A Component class is the class related with a page, part or mixin in your Tapestry web application. Classes for pages, parts and mixins are altogether made in an indistinguishable way. They are unadulterated POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects), commonly with comments and customarily named techniques.

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