What is JMS ?

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  1. Messaging is a method of communication between software components or applications. A messaging system is a peer-to-peer facility: A messaging client can send messages to, and receive messages from, any other client. Each client connects to a messaging agent that provides facilities for creating, sending, receiving, and reading messages.

    Messaging also differs from electronic mail (e-mail), which is a method of communication between people or between software applications and people. Messaging is used for communication between software applications or software components.
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    Actually JMS stands for Java Messaging Service it is used to send and receive requets from clients in the MDB(Message Driven Bean)

    JMS plays important to interact and sends responces back to clients in mean of Messages....
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    Java message administration (JMS) is an provision program interface (API) from sun Microsystems that helps those formal correspondence known as informing the middle of Pcs done An system. Sun's JMS gives An normal interface will standard informing conventions and also with uncommon informing benefits to backing of java projects.

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