What is ResultSet Concurrency ? Explain ?

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  1. The concurrency of a ResultSet object determines what level of update
    functionality is supported.
    The two concurrency levels are :
    The ResultSet object cannot be updated using the ResultSet interface.
    The ResultSet object can be updated using the ResultSet interface.

    The default ResultSet concurrency is CONCUR_READ_ONLY.

    The method DatabaseMetaData.supportsResultSetConcurrency returns true if the specified concurrency level is supported by the driver and false otherwise.

    If the driver does not support the concurrency level supplied to the methods createStatement, prepareStatement, or prepareCall, it generates an SQLWarning on the Connection object that is creating the statement. An
    application can find out the concurrency of a ResultSet object by calling the method ResultSet.getConcurrency.

    If the driver cannot return a ResultSet object at the requested type and concurrency, it determines the appropriate type before determining the concurrency.
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