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    In Java which one to use Abstract Class or Interface ?

    Java doesn't accept assorted inheritance; thus, you cannot accept a chic that accouterments two abstruse classes at once. ... An interface is bigger than a abstruse chic back you demand assorted classes to apparatus that interface and back you don't accept to accede absence behavior.
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    Can we have virtual functions in Java ?

    Done java there is no Pivotal word names “virtual“. Meaning from claiming Virtual starting with wiki: for object-oriented programming, a virtual capacity alternately virtual technique is An work or technique whose conduct might make overridden inside a inheriting class Eventually Tom's perusing...
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    What are the various ways to learn Java effectively ?

    Java is requisition layer modifying dialect Furthermore will be not exceptionally troublesome to take in. It doesn't require whatever former modifying experince should take java coding. Taking in java might be generally simple In you at that point know An modifying dialect. The speediest path...
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    What are the features added in J2SE 5.0 ?

    Variable contentions (var-args) is a standout amongst those coolest Characteristics. In the recent past getting under this, give us view those motivation behind to movement to presenting such An characteristic such as this. Those accompanying code bit indicates the expansion from claiming two...
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    Why do we need public static void main (String arg[]) method in Java ?

    Public- it is a get specifier. It tags that primary capacity could a chance to be get publically. Static- At the JVM call the principle work it doesn't have a object that is the reason it may be proclaimed for the static Pivotal word.
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    What are the packges available in JNDI ?

    Following are the JNDI packages: javax.naming javax.naming.directory javax.naming.event javax.naming.ldap javax.naming.spi
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    What is Contex Environment in JNDI ?

    When the constructor may be called, those JNDI constructs an earth as stated by these decides What's more passes those come about of the underlying administration supplier. At you conjure systems that acquire connection Questions inferred starting with the introductory context, for example, such...
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    What are the advantages of JNDI over JDBC ?

    1. More Portable. 2. Code much easier to maintain. 3. Configuring context.
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    How can the style/class of an element be changed?

    To change all classes for an element: To alter all absolute classes with one or added new classes, set the className attribute: document.getElementById("MyElement").className = "MyClass"; (You can use a space-delimited account to administer assorted classes.).
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    Explain about Web Services in Java ?

    JAX-WS may be an essential innovation organization to Creating cleanser (Simple article entry Protocol) Furthermore soothing (Web administrations that utilize representational methodology state transfer, alternately REST, tools) java Web services, the place JAX-WS will be outlined to take the...
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    where to publish our service?

    GIS assets would maps, tools, geodatabases, and other things you could uncover of the globe on ArcGIS server. In spite of the fact that you could publish A large number distinctive sorts about GIS assets of the server, the steps for distributed a administration take after a as a relatable point...
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    How to provide security to a web method?

    Whether we need to secure our web technique from a unauthenticated customer a that point there would numerous routes should do this However there will be Additionally an approach on make a web administration Furthermore make every last one of web routines to verification primary something like...
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    Is it Abstarction not comes under Opps concept ?

    Abstraction also comes under OOPS Concept. Abstraction (from the Latin abs, acceptation abroad from and trahere, acceptation to draw) is the action of demography abroad or removing characteristics from article in adjustment to abate it to a set of capital characteristics.
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    Which Protocols J2EE Supports ?

    Those past segment depicted those center innovation organization parts of the J2EE platform, for example, such that servlet, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Also JMS. In this section, we investigate at the J2EE construction modeling model and portray different parts of the J2EE stage that finish the stage meaning.
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    What is the difference between Jakarta Tomcat and Apache Tomcat ?

    Tome is an open-source requisition server In view of java engineering that serves java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) Furthermore will be utilized within Numerous distinctive open-source tasks including jakarta. Thus, Apache-Tomcat What's more Jakarta-Tomcat need aid basically those same...