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    What is meant by Synchronization?

    Re: Synchronization if you have ssh setup to the box, you can configure your navicat connection to tunnel through ssh. this way you don't have to mess with your mysql permissions. I am assuming that once the dual synchronization is set up that it's automatic and users don't have to do anything..
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    When do we need Cloning ?

    I don't have the money to clone my racehorse. It was just a thought. Clones would be great if it is possible to clone, say, a dinosaur or something from the past to study. [that does sound cruel... but interesting..
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    Database Schema Question

    Hi Chaps, I'm starting to build a small online clothing shop for my friend. I've sorted out the basic database schema: tbl_category (skirt/dress/top/etc) tbl_product (item) tbl_customer (customer) tbl_order (order_id/customer_id/quantity/price/postage/etc) tbl_order_item...
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    Xml and Html/Javascript for applications.

    Hi People I'm new at myspace development so bear with me... I have developed html/javascript for the canvis and that was working fine. Then I uploaded xml to the source code editor to implement OpenSocial 0.9. I tested it and that worked. But now I cannot get back to my html/javascript...