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    scjp Dump Questions

    Hi Santosh, Could u plz send me,and also plz tell me do u have latest dump 1.7 gyanendra.k.mishra@gmail.com Thanks in Advance Thans,Gyan
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    java basic

    As per my undertanding Instance means just creating a reference(copy) . object :means when memory location is associated with the object( is a run time entity of the class) by using the new operator
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    why java is not supporting multiple inheritence through classes?

    Dear Balaji, You can achieve multiple inheritance using most powerful concept of java ie interface Using interface we can save memory becoz its variable is final static by default so on class loading time only one copy of variable will genaerate and it will be shared by all the objects, so...
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    Is java is pure object oriented or partial object oriented?

    Dear Balaji, Java is not pure objrect oriented due to primitives. but it is most of the features of oops,that why it is called Object orientd. If we use Warapper classes instead of primitive then it will become pure object oriented language, Regds, gyan
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    Difference b/w MVC 1 and MVC 2

    Dear Frnds, A Model 1(MVC 1) architecture consists of a Web browser directly accessing Web related things like JSP pages. The JSP pages access Web-tier JavaBeans that represent the application model, and the next view to display (JSP page, servlet, HTML page.A Model 1 application control is...
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    How to create an static array?

    Re: create static array Dear Parul, Static variables should be initialized inside static block. For Example import java.util.*; import java.io.*; class InitStaticArray { static Integer[] integerArray; static { integerArray= new Integer[] { new Integer(1), new...
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    What is a dialect ?

    Dear Nicky, Dialect tells us the complete information of relational databse which is returning metadata by the JdbcDreiver. this property use to map data base according to the driver which we are using in application for example if u are using Oracle data base then u need to mention the...
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    What is the use of Transaction statement in EJB?

    Re: transaction type in ejb Dear Nicky, There are two types of tranctions are provided by the EJB. 1)BMT(Bean Managed Transaction) In This case as developer we need to write all the transaction realted properties like transactional attributes, Transaction Isolation levels and transaction...
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    Difference between #include and import ?

    Re: #include vs import ? Dear Balaji, Both are working same but its a language specification when u r using #include always u are doing same task like import when u comes in java they provided same facility using import while in c and c++ u are acheving this by using include rgds gyan
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    Where we use instanceof keyword?

    The instanceof keyword can be used to test if an object is of a specified type.its return type is boolean type.syntax of its nad one code snapt given bellow for beter understanding. SYNTAX if (objectReference instanceof type) In the following Example if statement returns true becoz we...
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    Difference between Reference and objects?

    Re: Reference vs objects Dear Balaji, When you are writing bellow code following things will hapen. Test t=new Test(); 1) Reference variable t of class Test will be created. 2) = dis operator is encounterd 3) new operator create a object of Test class by executing Test() construtor and...
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    Waht is the use of singleton java class ?

    Re: wt is the use of singletonnjava class ? Dear Sreenu, You can get useful info from the bellow link. please gothru this link for deatils of singleton. http://www.javaken.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4585 Regards, gyan
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    What is Singleton Class?

    Re: Singleton Class Dear Frnds, You can also make any class singleton usinh static block. advantage of this block ,on class loading time only one copy of object will be created and will be issued whwnever you tried to create an object.sample code is given here : public class HibernateUtil...
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    Shweta, a Java fresher with 8 months experiene

    Hi Sweta, This is Gyanendra, presently working in a MNC of Bangalore. Nice to meet u here . Rgds gyan
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    How to stop serilization of fields without using traisient keyword??

    Dear Sandeep, Can u explin it how it is possible? and also my guess we can acheive it by using static but not sure. please review it and suggest me Thanx for ur response. regds, gyan