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    Can we implement serialization in EJB?

    Re: serializable Every EJB indirectly implements Realizable interface so u don't required.
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    What is native method?

    what is the signature of a native methode should be.
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    claas.forName("drivername"); Note : 1. In the above code "C" of Class must be capital. 2.In "drivername" when you write this it must be the name of any class which u want to load DYNAMICALLY. That means "D" must be capital. 3.If u will wrte Class.forName(driverName); Then The string...
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    What are the uses of Serialization?

    Re: serialization Hi Deelip, Serialization is the mechanism to store the state of the object for your future use in a Text file . And to store the state of the object u have to implement the Serializable interface . By doing this u r Elizble to store the state . Now you can use WriteObject()...
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    What are the uses of Serialization?

    Re: serialization Hi Dileep, 1.As per my knowledge with out serializing an object if u will ever try to send an object as an arguement to a method of another object which is present on another JVM you will get a RunTimeException i.e UnmarselingException. 2. If you want to store a javaBean...
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    How to get session object in servlet 2.5?

    Re: Session in Servlet2.5 You can get a Session object in the following ways 1.request.getSession(false): case 1:if a session is already exists it will return the Session. case 2:if a session is abscent then it will return NULL; 2.request.getSession(true) OR request.getSession()...
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    What is the Collections API?

    Dear friend, I was little bit of confused by the Q. (Collection/Collections) Collection:Is an interface Collections : Is a class
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    What is meant by Synchronization?

    Re: Synchronization Hi naveen, please find your ans: The addition of the synchronised modifier to a method declaration ensures that only one thread is allowed inside the method at a time . This can be useful in keeping out other threads while the state of an object is temporarily...
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    How many Wrapper Classes are there, What are they ?

    Hi Madhu, wrapper classes are immutable.
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    How can we call Super Class Constructor in Sub Class ?

    Hi Naven, class super{ //super(){super();} } class sub extends super{ //sub(){super();} p.v.s.m(String args[]){ sub s=new sub(); } Yes you are right , if you don't write a constructer explicitly then compiler will add a constructer for u as in the highlighted statements in above ...
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    How can we call Super Class Constructor in Sub Class ?

    Hi jayps, According to bravo the first statment of a constructer is Super();if u don't call forcefully(explicitly). Ex: Public class ConstructerClass{ ConstructerClass(){ super(); } } In the above class when you don't write The super() in the constructerClass() then at the time of...
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    What are the uses of Serialization?

    Re: serialization Hi anoop, The uses of Serializable objects are as follows: 1.serialization is used to maintain the state of objects in bit blub. 2.By taking a serializable object and writing it to disk ,then restoring that object when the program is reinvoked you are able to produce the...
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    What is meant by Synchronization?

    Re: Synchronization Hi Anoop, How are you. And how your interviews are going on ? I am trying to answer you. Synchronization is nothing but thread safe . Synchronization is meant to prevent the access of more then one thread to a particular method / object . It comes under two...
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    Can I call destroy() method inside the init() method?

    HI Friend, I have collected the answers of this Q and hope it will help you What will happen if we call destroy() method from inside the Whatever code is in the destroy method will be executed as soon as the servlet is loaded.init() method? So will the servlet be destroyed and not...
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    When the Servlet Constructor is called?

    Re: Servlet Constructor Hi Anup & padma, Before calling init() method after calling Constructer() the state of the servlet is stale. when the constructor of a servlet is called it is just an object. To behave an object like a servlet the conmtainer must create ServletConfig object and will...