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    congrats ra................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:)
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    Deepthi - Java Sun Certified from Bangalore

    congrats deepthi its really a great achievment in your life....
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    Deepthi - Java Sun Certified from Bangalore

    congrats deepthi for achieving sun certification it will boost your confidence
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    no deepa its not that much difficulty as your expecting just go through the books and a little bit practice is enough to get good percentage... if you have any queries let me know my mail id: rameshcharykotha@gmail.com
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    Core Java Interview Questions - 3

    Hi suneetha i need java interview questions please send to rameshcahrykotha@gmail.com
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    Most Useful Java Interview Questions

    hi srilatha iam Ramesh i need java/j2ee interview questions immediately please send to rameshcharykotha@gmail.com thanx in advance
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    When we use abstract classes and when we use interfaces?

    Re: when to use abstract classes and when to use interfaces? its really good thanx alot
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    What the cause for Compile time error ?

    Re: Compile time error whenever you are doing any operations on datatypes it should be greater than int type because always comiler compares all the datatypes with int type if result is greater than int it wont raise any exception but if the result is lower than int then it will rise an...
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    What is are the differences between HashTable and HashMap ?

    Hashmap: No method is synchronized and hence hashmap object is not thread safe but performance is high null is allowed for both key and value Hashtable: All methods are synchronized and hence Hashtable object is thread safe but performance is low null insertion is allowed for key and values...
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    If two Interfaces have same Method, how to handle that Method in a Class implementing these two Interfaces ?

    no need to implement two methods explicitly even if you do that also it will raise an error saying duplicate methods, just implement one method that is common for all interfaces and call that method.
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    What happens if an exception occurs in finally block??

    ya there is a possibility that exception may occur in finally block also so the program will stop its excution abnormally if the outer catch block is not there but it will run normally if the outer catch catches the exception which is raised in finally block.
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    When we use abstract classes and when we use interfaces?

    i am in big confusion with abstract classes and interfaces where exactly we use abstract classes and where we use interfaces? :o
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    hi frnds i am in mca final year now i learnt java and completed even certification also how to get job as fresher in this Hyderabad.
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    Congrats Ramesh Thanx..
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    Hi frnds i completed scwcd preparation today...