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    Explicit objects in JSP

    Hi I have a doubt in Scriptlet if we are writing a code in scriplet i.e is a java code can we write a method inside a Scriptlet and if yes then that method will be in _jspservice() then is it possible have method inside a method???????
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    What happens if an exception occurs in finally block??

    The Finally Block always executes when the try block exits. This ensures that the Finally Block is executed even if an Unexpected Exception occurs. But Finally is useful for more than just Exception Handling — it allows the programmer to avoid having cleanup code accidentally bypassed by a...
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    How to handle Exceptions in JSP?

    Re: how to handl Exception handling in JSP can u please explain in detail with sample code
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    How to display multiple records in Jsp page?

    Re: Problem in displaying multiple records on Jsp page do u have pagination sample code with u
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    What is the purpose of Serlization ?

    can any one please explain Serialization interface is a tagged interface with no methods,then what is use of implementing serialization to a class
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    How servlet are invoked without object..?

    Hi Prem, A servlet life cycle is init(),service() and destroy() methods for every servlet there will be one servletConfig and for every container there will one servlet context when you deploy a web based app, servlet container reads the deployment...