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    How can u make a custom Imutable class like String class?

    Hi Friends one of the interviewer asked me How can u make a custom Imutable class like String class? As per his Q i answered as "write a class with all its fields or instance variables private and a constructer if u want and don't write a public method which has a capability to change the state...
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    Can any body tell me about ear structure ?

    Can any body tell me the difference between ear, jar, war. specific 2 EAR
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    Few J2EE questions, answer them ?

    a. How exceptions in J2EE servlets handled (i) Ignored by server (ii) Propagating the exception to the servlet user (iii) by a handler in servlet contanier (iv) A handler is written and linked through the deployment descriptor b. Tag to make database connection and add record (i)...
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    When a Servlet will destroy ?

    Hi Friends... I am realy confused about when a Servlet will destroy ? I think / know Container calls destroy() / init() methods only once in its Lifecycle. The destroy() will be called by the Container for cleanup purpose before it destroyed. But my question is when the Servlet will...
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    ZYCUS technical interview questions of june 2009

    Q.1> list all bad coding practices in the following code snippet try{ for(int i=0;oldCode.size();i++){ String insertIntoMappingtbl="insert into schemaptbl '' + " values(?,?,?,?,?,?)"; pstmtMappingTbl=con.prepareStatement(insertIntoMappingTbl )...