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    Difference b/w MVC 1 and MVC 2

    Dear Frnds, A Model 1(MVC 1) architecture consists of a Web browser directly accessing Web related things like JSP pages. The JSP pages access Web-tier JavaBeans that represent the application model, and the next view to display (JSP page, servlet, HTML page.A Model 1 application control is...
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    How to stop serilization of fields without using traisient keyword??

    Hi Friends, Can you tell me how to prevent fields of a class without using transient keyword?? Regards, gyan
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    What are Dis-advantages of n-tier architecture?

    Hi Friends, Can any body explain the Disadvange of n-tier architecture in Java Regards, Gyan
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    Interview Questions Plz provide soloution??

    Hello Frnds, I am discussing some questions which are asked by different-2 interviewr's. if any body know most welcome 1)Can i write one class inside interface? if so then what will hapen it will throw run time erxception or compile time exception. 2) I wriiten one static block and also...
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    Program for Singleton class

    Hi Friends, I would like to share one senarion of sigleton design pattern which asked by one interviwer.i hope will get answer in this forum.if any one can,plz solve it. i know how to create sigelton but analyze bellow senario Senario: I want to create five object of a class and when i call...
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    Hibernate mapping file(student.hbm)

    Is it possibble to write one hibernate mapping file for multiple persistence class????? if so then why we are writing specifuiic hbm file for specific persistence class can any body tell me?? Awating for u gyan