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Brief Introduction about Hibernate ?

We are using JDBC API in Java to communicate with DataBase. Instead of using JDBC API we can use Hibernate to communicate with the DataBase.

- Hibernate is a solution for ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and a persistence management solution or persistent layer.

- Hibernate give a solution to map DataBase tables to a Class. It converts the DataBase tables to a Class data.

- Hibernate is the most mature and most complete open source Object Relational Mapper. It is widely used and very actively developed.

can u you say the correct tutorial to learn hibernate with example. i am new to hibernate i want to learn hibernate plz tell about the tutorial or any other examples.
Hibernate is an opensource light weigt ORM tool to develop Database Independent O-R Mapping based persistance logic in Java Based Enterprise Applications.
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--->Hibernate is the light weight open source framework.
--->By using hibernate we can easily interact with different databases by using dialect feature.
--->In Hibernate having optimization facility like DURTY READ and LAZY LOADING.
--->by using hibernate we can maintain pooing
--->In hibernate supports HQL(hibernate query language) and SQL(structured Query language).