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How to Concatenate Strings ?

The String class includes a method for concatenating two Strings :

string1.concat(string2) : This returns a new string that is string1 with string2 added to it at the end.

- We can also use the concat() method with String literals, as in :

"My name is ".concat("Rumplestiltskin");

- Strings are more commonly concatenated with the + operator, as in :

Example : "Hello," + " world" + "!"

which results in "Hello, world!"

- The + operator is widely used in print statements.

Example : String string1 = "saw I was ";
System.out.println("Dot " + string1 + "Tod");

- which prints Dot saw I was Tod

Note : Such a concatenation can be a mixture of any Objects. For each Object that is not a String, its toString() method is called to convert it to a String.
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