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How to stop serilization of fields without using traisient keyword??

Dear Sandeep,
Can u explin it how it is possible?
and also my guess we can acheive it by using static but not sure.
please review it and suggest me

Thanx for ur response.
if you dont want to use transient then the only way to override
private void writeObject(ObjectOutputStream os) and
private void readObject(ObjectInputStream is)..

check on the net how for the sample program.

Cheers !!! All Java Coders..
some data items are used for workspace. its point list to pack them for shipping,if u mark this as transient there values are ignored by java compiler not allowed for serialization

I have one doubt regarding Serialization. Suppose at begining one variable make not serializable in ur project. After some days that variable also make serializable. How should it make possible..

If anyuone knows the answer please post to my id:rajeshkumar402@gmail.com