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494442 2007 年 10 月 18 日 11:52 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (2) Category: Classic Memories

★ China ★
special forces branches of the military identity formation of Chinese special forces start,wedding dresses 2nd, there are signs its own forces. Although Special Forces is not an independent arm, but because of China's Central Military Commission, China's special forces directly under the command and control, independence is strong.
in the late 80s of last century,wedding dresses 2nd, the various military special forces have been established, there is a sign of unity symbol, until today, the flag symbol is uniform. Just various units according to their characteristics, derived from their own symbols, but the relationship with the unified symbol at a glance. Lightning sword armbands.
This is the special forces of the unified armed forces identification armband. TZBD constitute a lightning sword, a \In this armband before there is a version of the \Graphic patterns are the same, but no BD Liangzi, Po hilt is the Chinese character of \Is the universal color armband.

(1) Tiger Group - a special forces unit in Lanzhou Military Region
Tiger Group - a special forces unit in Lanzhou Military Region, 21 Army Group 184 adapted honors: won the only international special forces highest honor: Estonia \Assault training for water Lanzhou Military Region Special Forces

(2) \Army Special Forces participated in the \
Equipment: grenade launchers, rockets blasting device, forty rocket launchers and other basic courses
: off-road, climbing, swimming and shooting F1
motto: \in creating the war. \Eagle \5 received special training Achievement Award, awarded 集体二等功 a training special forces in the Chengdu Military Region

(4) Oriental Sword --- Beijing Military Region special forces unit
Oriental Sword Beijing Military Region army special forces unit in the selection of the two Group A talent (other military one). The first army sent with new combat helmet and automatic rifle.
precision secret investigation (GPS satellite positioning system), cover the terrain to meet the enemy operations.
title: \> Northeast Tigers \

(6) \difficult, more dangerous level \strengthen the investigative capacity of outdoor survival training.

(7) Jinan Military Region,wedding dresses 2nd, \unique skills of special operations in one
children: 2 / 3 of the skilled players can drive tanks, armored vehicles, cars and other equipment and vehicles; everyone can master meters swimming and underwater stealth skills; 1 / 3 can take advantage of the implementation of parachuting , landing reconnaissance and combat missions.

(8) Blue Sky sword - Army special forces unit of 15 paratroopers

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