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What are Dis-advantages of n-tier architecture?

Re: Disadwantage of n-tier architecture

Hi Friends,
Can any body explain the Disadvange of n-tier architecture in Java


The disadvantages of each & every tiers R as follows
One tier

No networking -- can't access remote services
Potential for spaghetti code

Two tiers
Must design/implement protocol
Must design/implement reliable data storage

Three tiers
Need to buy database product
Need to hire DBA
Need to learn new language (SQL)
Object-relational mapping is difficult

N tiers

Quite inefficient
Must learn API (CORBA, RMI, etc.)
Expensive products
More complex; thus, more potential for bugs
Harder to balance loads
A. It will be a greater amount unpredictable structure.
B. All the more was troublesome should set up and support it and also blacks.
C. Those physical detachment of the tiers might influence the execution between those three.
D. It will be All the more troublesome will fabricated a 3-tier requisition.