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What is Pagination?

What is Pagination ? how to implement pagination in client side ?
Please some one clarify ........
Hi Sreenu ,
Pagiantion is very good startigy for displaying records in a propermanner.
like u have 100 records but u want dispaly 10 in a time so u can implemt it by using pagination .u can do it using hibernate builtin support or jsp pager tags.
for more details
Plz go thru this link

Thank You Gyanendra....thanks for u r replyit is helpfull to me , but my requirement is how to display those records in jsp page(client side) by page ? any suggestins..........
Just use the first element from your body in your title+description for each pagination url. Pagination is partly used for readability & comprehension (to avoid information overload), and partially to conserve memory and processing resources on both the server side and the client (browser) side.

Chances are, the user doesn't need to see all 3,000 entries. Perhaps they're only interested in the first 2-3 pages.
Hi,Pagination concepts mainly used in web development process,

*The system by which pages are numbered.
*The arrangement and number of pages in a book, as noted in a catalog or bibliography.
*The assignment of numbers to the pages in a document. Logically, one would think that one number simply followed another, but in word processing jobs, allowances can be made for objects such as charts and blank pages, which the author might want excluded from the logical numbering sequence. Word processing programs also automatically divide text into single pages. Without this function a document would appear to be one continuous page.

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