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What is the purpose of Struts ? How differ from JSP ?

Re: struts doubt

Actually Struts is based on MVC architecture which ease the developer work by separate the Model, View and Controller components.

In struts, we need not to write any business logic in jsp pages. We make it as pure view component.
For a WEB APPLICATION run success fully still now we r following many design patterns. Such as front controller, application controlor, value object etc . by the sujession of lots of devlopers jakarta makes a frame work implementing commonly and reliable design patterns as a Struts Framework to give a common strategy.

Struts implemented ActionServlet as front Controlor, request processor as application controlor, ActionFotrm as value object. Action class as a SingleTon class (some whwere I read it) etc.

It differs from JSP as we donot write <jsp:usebean>tag to set or get the properties in FormBean struts frame work does this 4 us.